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2017 Volunteer Award Nominations

volunteer heartCommunities throughout Nova Scotia are being encouraged by The Province of Nova Scotia and the Village of Bible Hill to recognize and appreciate the many contributions made by their volunteers.   

If your group or organization has a worthy volunteer, please complete the following form and submit it to the Village of Bible Hill by Friday, March 3rd 2017. The individual’s volunteer commitment(s) can be in any field, ie: hospital service, schools, recreation, service club etc. 

The Village of Bible Hill would like to thank all groups, clubs and community organizations that participate in this worthwhile annual project. 

Each organization can nominate an individual and/or organization for each different award if they choose.  Please fill out their name and phone number and email address along with a summary of the nominee’s volunteer work (if you need more space please feel free to use the back of this sheet).   Each community/individual may nominate more than one (1) person for each category and may nominate in as many categories as fit.  You may be contacted to provide some addition information about your nominee.

  pdf 2017 Bible Hill Volunteer Award Nomination Form (92 KB)