Expression of Interest - Sidewalk snow removal

Village of Bible Hill is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from companies with interest and capacity to provide annual snow clearing services for approximately 34 kilometres of pedestrian sidewalks within the community boundaries of Bible Hill, Nova Scotia.

The tender details can be seen here.


The work scope shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Supply of all labour, materials, equipment, and services necessary for the execution and completion of snow clearing along sidewalks including ramps at intersections and crosswalks (snow clearing areas) to provide a maintained path of travel for pedestrians;
  2. Snow clearing and ice control using appropriate equipment, materials, and competent operators;
  3. Establish and maintain an effective system to monitor weather conditions including precipitation, temperature, and surface condition of snow clearing areas with respect to snow and/or ice in order to determine when to clear snow and/or apply ice control materials;
  4. Snow clearing and/or ice control must occur with timely execution compared to the weather event, or by the Village’s request;
  5. Provision of sand to be used as necessary for ice/traction control for the duration of the designated winter period (November 1 to May 1);
  6. Salt to be procured on Village account via NS Department of Transportation and Infrastructure renewal depot in Bible Hill, NS (or comparably priced vendor) – proponent to supply machinery for loading salt outside NSTIR day-time hours;
  7. Stockpiling salt or sand, if any, to be managed by the proponent;
  8. Supply and installation of temporary markers as required along the route to denote sidewalk edges, curb ramps, infrastructure in close proximity to the snow clearing route, etc. as needed by the contractor to ensure minimal damage is suffered; and
  9. Compliance with all health and safety and environmental provisions where and when applicable.

The intent of this activity is to identify companies interested in participating in a potential future procurement process. Companies interested in submitting an expression of interest to the Village must do so by 10 a.m. ATL on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

Questions and submissions for this process can be sent to the attention of: Mitchell Bell, CPA, CA, Clerk and Treasurer or Angie Ogden, Finance Officer Village of Bible Hill, 67 Pictou Road, Bible Hill, NS B2N 2R9 902.893.8083 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


EOI response submissions ought to contain the following information:

EOI – Winter maintenance operations – Sidewalk snow removal – 2021-REOI-TS-01 Company information

o Trade name:

o Registered name:

o Address of registered office:

o Website:

o Length of continuous term in business: (in months or years)

o Name of contact person:

     o Title

     o Address

     o Email

     o Phone


o Provide an overview of your response.


o Detail your knowledge and experience relevant to the requirements of the services.

o Detail your business’ resources (quality, quantity, and attributes of machinery, staffing, estimated proximity of machinery and staff to Bible Hill, etc.) to meet the objectives of the services.

o Detail any value adding factors (innovations, environmental or social benefits) that makes engaging with your business more favourable than others in the market.

o Detail any other alternative solution recommended towards delivering the requirements of the services.

Financial viability

Invitees are requested to demonstrate that they have the financial capacity to meet the requirements of the EOI. Invitees are also requested to disclose any significant event, matter, or circumstance that has occurred in the past three years or is likely to occur in the future, which may negatively affect the operations of their company in performing the services.


o Provide details of coverage, including insurance company name, policy number, coverage amount and expiry date for the following:

     o Commercial general liability

     o Automobile

o Include a current clearing letter from the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia


Provide details of the pricing principals which you will adopt in determining pricing for this procurement and how you propose to ensure value for money is continually offered.

Conflict of interest

Provide details of any interest, relationship, or client which may or do give rise to an actual or perceived conflict of interest and any strategy for preventing or managing the circumstances.


Have a signing officer of the company endorse and date the expression of interest before submission.


Issued this 11th day of February, 2021

Mitchell Bell, CPA, CA – Clerk and Treasurer


The EOI can also be seen in pdf. format here. 


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