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Meadowland Rink

As the colder weather sets in, more residents have been recently inquiring into our ice surface at Meadowland Ave Park.   The ice in the park opens and closes according to conditions.

It is important to first read and understand the rules of use – please see the site signage for details.

When ice conditions are favourable, the site sign is marked OPEN and the lights are turned on.  When ice conditions are not safe, the site sign is marked CLOSED and the lights are turned off. 

The Village has received complaints both this season and last season from ice users not obeying the site signage and being aggressive with others.  These situations can ruin a good thing for everyone.  Please remember to be respectful of the park, neighbourhood, and other users seeking to enjoy the ice by complying with the rules outlined on site (open vs closed, no alcohol, loud music, use appropriate side for skating vs hockey, hours of use, etc – see sign for details). 

Questions?  Contact Village of Bible Hill.

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