New Commissioner Positions

At the Commission in Committee meeting of the Village of Bible Hill on June 13, 2017 there was an election of Chair and Deputy Chair for the Commission for 2017-18.  

Lois MacCormick was re-elected as Chair and Donna Van Kroonenburg was re-elected as Deputy Chair.

Other Commission appointments included:  

Commissioner Kennedy is now the Chair of Protective Services.  The Protective Services Committee oversees the Village's responsibility for the Fire Brigade, the Bible Hill Emergency Planning Committee, and the School Crossing Guard Program.

Commissioner Bell is now responsible as Chair of Environmental Services.  The Environmental Services Committee is responsible for water systems, sewer systems, storm water drainage, urban forest and environmental protection/development in our community.  Commissioner Bell is also the Bible Hill representative on the Chamber of Commerce.

Commissioner Mellish will be Chair of Transportation Services.  Transportation Services major responsibilities are the maintenance and improvements to sidewalks and other transportation issues.

Deputy Chair Van Kroonenburg is responsible for Recreation & Cultural Services.  Recreation & Cultural Services is responisible for the development and management of recreational and cultural activities in the community.  The Chair sits on the Parks & Recreation Committee which was developed to assist the Village with the development of recration programs and facilities.