The Village has nine recreational parks with two major areas for organized sports. All are maintained by the Village through Bible Hill Parks and Recreation. The main park is located on College Road and has three ball fields, a soccer field, and playground equipment. This site is where the Village holdsit annual Canada Day events. The Village also builds and maintains walking trails within its boundaries.


Bible Hill Recreation Park

The Bible Hill Recreation Park is located on Guest Drive off College Road.  The park is considered a Regional Park in Colchester County with baseball fields, soccer field, Gazebo, Picnic shelter, Splash Pad, washroom facilities and trail that is part of the Cobequid Trail in Bible Hill system.  To book any of the facilities in the Bible Hill Recreation Park please contact the Village office at 902-893-8083

Type: Regional Park
Sizes: N/A

Multi use field, baseball fields (3), walking loop, Picnic shelter, Splash pad, Washroom facilities,
Playgrounds (3), Swing sets (2), Gazebo, Coasting Hill

Parking Lot: Yes
Access: Veichle parking located off Guest drive and walking enterance off College road west of Guest drive.  
Information: Village of Bible Hill 902-893-8083

Airport Fields Section

This Park is located at the end of Jennifer Drive of Pictou Road.  The park main use is softball during the summer months with three softball fields located in the park.  Along with the softball fields, a walking loop is located around 2 of the softball fields which is a popular location for citzens to walk there dogs.  To book any of the softball fields at the Airport Field please contact the Village of Bible Hill 902-893-8083.  

Type: Regional Park
Sizes: N/A
Featureas: Softball fields (3), Walking path
Parking Lot: Yes
Access: End of Jennifer Drive off Pictou Road.  Parking lot is located on the right hand side of the road 
Information: Village of Bible Hill 902-893-8083

Holywell Park Section

Holywell Park is located off Main Street, past College Road heading towards the Town of Truro.  Holywell Park is a popular stop for citzens to enjoy there lunch.  Holywell park is a historal site by the Colchester Historical Society as the site is a landmark of the early settlers to the Village of Bible Hill.

Poplar Drive Park Section

Poplar Drive park is located at the intersection of Poplar Drive and Hallet Drive.  This current site doesnt have park lot but does include swing sets and playground which is used by neighbourhood children. 

Farnham Road Park Section

Farnham Park is located off Farnham road and includes a picnic table and swing set.  The park does have a nice view of Farnham brook on the edge of the park

Meadowland Park Section

Meadowland Park is located on Meadowland Ave.  This park has a walking path with connects Meadowland Ave with College Road and is used by many youth access Bible Hill Junior School located on College Road.  The park is a popluar spot in the winter time as the park is one location of a winter rink which citzens use for skating and hockey.  

Village Court Section

Village Court is the beginning of the Farnham Brook Trail which is a beaitful walk along the Farnbrook.  The park also has a play area with swings and a rocker for youth to play.  

Armstrong Ave Park Section

Armstrong Park is located on Armstrong Aveune and is an open space for youth to enjoy free place.  

Murdock Park Section

Murdock park has two entrances one off Murdock Drive and second off Greenvale Court.  Murdock is an open space park which many youth access to connect with the Bible Hill Junior School that is ajoining the park.

Teakwood Court Park Section

Teakwood is located off Teakwood Court and is a nature walking park.  This area has two benches to stop and enjoy the nature around you.  In a rural area this small  nature park is a feature you dont want to miss.