Recreation Master Plan

The Town of Truro and Village of Bible Hill met in January, 2008 to begin the planning process to create a strategic plan for each of their recreation departments. Mr. Jim Campbell, Office of Health Promotion and Protection created the survey that both the Town and the Village would use.

The surveys were created as the first step in the Recreation Strategic Plan process. After discussing how to complete the Residents Survey the Committee came to the conclusion that the best way to get the information that we needed would be to complete them by telephone. The surveys was comprised of 36 questions that asked questions about everything from Parks and Trails, cultural activities, availability of recreation facilities and what residents believe should be the Village's/Town's role in Recreation Services. Once the surveys were completed with the final touches, the Committee contacted students at the Nova Scotia Community College to conduct these surveys. The Town of Truro and the Village of Bible Hill put out a public announcement in the Truro Daily News informing residents that they may be called on behalf of the Town and Village. We used the Emergency Measures Organization Centre as the calling station. Once the surveys were completed, the information was submitted into a data entry form, which the Town of Truro and the Village of Bible Hill summer staff completed. The results were then sent to Jim Campbell to do the final statistics and report.

The Village and Town also did a joint community groups survey. This survey was sent to different community groups in both the Town and Village. There were a total of 70 community group surveys that were sent out.

  • Recreation Survey Results
  • Resident Survey Summary Report
  • Completed Master Plan

In 2011 the Parks & Recreation Committee began completing the Recreation Master Plan. With months of planning the Village Commission approved the 3 year Recreation Master Plan in January.

pdf Recreation Master Plan  (385 KB)