Parks & Recreation

Recreation Open House - Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The Village of Bible Hill will be holding an Open House on Thursday, May 31st from 6pm – 8pm regarding existing small parks and the potential development of them. 

The Village has many small parks, many of which have no development beyond benches and regular mowing. The Village would like input on these parks, especially from community members who resided in close proximity to them. 

The Village Office Commission Chambers will have several stations set up with maps focused around various parks. Parks and Recreation Committee Members will be at stations to take notes on comments around how parks are maintained currently, and what changes are suggested. There will also be several potential projects available for community feedback. 

Projects currently under consideration: 
Farnham Rd Park:  There is potential to create a toboggan hill at Farnham Rd Park. While there would be no parking available, it is walkable for many families in nearby subdivisions. 
Scenic Drive:  A Community Garden could be built at the Scenic Drive Park, with a source of water and a fence to protect it from deer. 
Armstrong Park:  Armstrong could be another location for a community garden, or it could be a site for a small basketball court or pump track (For children’s scooters or small bikes) to be used by local children. 

If you are interested in giving feedback on our small parks, please consider attending our open house to both learn more about our existing facilities and give feedback on their future development.

2017 Recreation Map.jpg