Brigade members have an opportunity to participate in and develop skills in many areas. New members are given the opportunity to participate in the Basic Firefighter (BFF) program training. The program starts in January of each year and is one weekend a month from January to June and September to October. The sessions are held in various fire stations in the core of Colchester County.

The Brigade conducts weekly in house training every Tuesday evening 3 weeks a month from February to June and September to the end of November. Members are also encouraged to participate and train in the NS Firefighter School mobile burn unit. The Brigade usually hosts the unit one week a year to be used by Bible Hill and other local Fire Brigades/Departments. The unit can be seen at

In additional some members participate in other outside training seminars like the Fire Department Information Conference (FDIC) held annually in Wolfville at Acadia University

All costs for approved training activities are paid for by the training committee