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Bible Hill Recreation Park Playground Renewal


Help Revitalize Bible Hill Recreation Park: 
The playground at BHRP is proposed to be renewed to make a creative, multi-generational, and central recreational gathering grounds for all residents and guests. 

This exciting work is planned to involve:

  • a revitalized playpark with fun new equipment, including a large hybrid multi-generational play structure, a wheelchair accessible swing, improved sub-surface drainage, Fibar play area surfacing, and concrete edging
  • a new asphalt walking loop around the playpark with two lanes, creating a multi-use path for walks, bike rides, roller blades, and wheelchairs;
  • a resurfaced basketball court space, with lines for two pickleball courts and children's games, on a bright coloured base;
  • a new granular pathway through the centre of the park linking the asphalt track and play park area with the parking lot, baseball field area, and walking trail at the south end of the park;
  • creation of a central social zone near the play equipment featuring rock/log themed benches, plant bed, and a rounded gateway trellis;
  • creation of social spaces with seating and shade structures within the play equipment area;
  • new plantings of shade trees, bicycle racks, picnic tables, and more!

View the Master Plan design:

The Village has recently engaged Trace Planning and Design to reenvision the playpark and beyond.  Working with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, Commissioners, local school children and the public, Trace developed a design for renewing the playground at Bible Hill Recreation Park.  The images below provide a conceptual reference to visualize the planned revitalization:

Benefits of making improvements to Bible Hill Recreation Park:

Upgrading the park will replace the aging existing natural playground features, but will do so much more:

Provide greater opportunities for physical activity for all

Provide greater social and emotional learning opportunities for all

Provide greater opportunities for accessible & inclusive fun

Provide healthy opportunities that enhance our community and make BHRP the recreational space of choice for all age groups


  • Additional playground equipment
  • New multi-use asphalt path around play park
  • New games on court space
  • New pathway to ball fields and south-end walking trail


  • New social spaces where parents and guardians can connect with each other and supervise children:
  •  A new rounded gateway trellis with benches and a plant bed;
  • Two within-playground rest areas offering benches, picnic tables and shade umbrellas;
  • A picnic area near the playground within a new planting of shade trees; and
  • A new asphalt path around playpark.


  • New sensory play tunnel (complete!)
  • New wheelchair swing
  • Paved parking surface (complete!)
  • New multi-use asphalt path around play park
  • Better pathways to playground


  • New exciting playground features, combined with those existing, will draw more residents and guests to the park for outdoor activity
  • New trees and umbrellas will provide shade at the playground, reducing exposure from the sun
  • New pathway will connect the new multi-use asphalt path with the existing path at the south-end of the park, allowing a user to more easily travel throughout the park
  • Once in motion, always in motion:  The new multi-use asphalt path will encourage users to see how many 'loops' can be done during their visit, challenge friends to do the same, and compare results

What will it cost?

The proposed work is estimated to cost upwards of $1,000,000, plus HST

The project work and budget will be contingent on the level of funding that is able to be secured.

How will it be financed?

The project is proposed to be funded in at least three ways:

  1. Village of Bible Hill:   Funding from Village of Bible Hill via property tax revenue and/or Canada Community Building Fund revenue;
  2. Other Government(s):   Grant funding from other levels of government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal); and
  3. Public Contributions:   Donations from individuals, businesses, and/or community groups.

The project is possible if it attracts interest and funding from multiple sources working together. 

How much has been donated to date?

In 2021, $150,000 was donated to the Village by an individual for the purpose of making improvements to Bible Hill Recreation Park.  At the request of the donor, the parking lot was paved, which has provided a fresh new seamless accessible surface and pathway for parking at the park.  In 2022, $20,000 was donated to the Village by an anonymous doner, with the same request - to make improvements at Bible Hill Recreation Park.  We are thrilled to receive these generous donations and feel the community spirit coming together to make a better Village.

As of January 1, 2023, $76,143 has been donated to the project.

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Our Sponsors and Commitments:

 Individuals Businesses Non-profit organizations
 Anonymous - $56,142.60    
 Anonymous - $20,000.00    

How can an individual or organization get involved?

  1. Spread the word!   Tell family, friends, and colleagues about this work, how it will improve opportunities within the community, and what is required to get it done.
  2. Donate!   If you or your organization are in a position to donate, please consider making a contribution to 'Village of Bible Hill' for the 'Bible Hill Recreation Park project'.  Donations greater than $10 will be provided a donation receipt.  Please approach us if you are considering a substantial donation to discuss recognition opportunities by calling the Clerk and Treasurer at 902-893-8083 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Meet the project team:


Where is Bible Hill Recreation Park?

Bible Hill Recreation Park is a regional park operated by the Village of Bible Hill at 38 Guest Drive, off College Road.

The Park includes three baseball fields with bleacher seating and covered dugouts, a multipurpose field with soccer nets, football posts and bleacher seating, gazebo, large area with playground equipment and a natural playground with wood fibre surfacing, electricity bollards, picnic shelter with tables, basketball nets, splashpad with bench seating and shade structures, change room and washroom facilities, paved parking, walking trails, and is also an access point to the Cobequid Trail.

In the winter season, the park offers a large toboggan hill, open space for snow-shoeing or snowman building.  While the washroom facilities close in October, the site offers an accessible restroom stall throughout the winter season.

Visit Village of Bible Hill on Facebook and Instagram or online at for more information.

What does the park look like now?

There is a lot to love at Bible Hill Recreation Park, but don't take if from us - consider our 4.7 out of 5 stars average review from the public on Google.  We must keep making wise investments to continue to make the park a great place for residents!

Take a look at the following photographs to get a glimpse of what the Bible Hill Recreation Park currently offers: