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The Cobequid Trail is a 16 km walking and cycling trail network through central Colchester County. The trail takes you along a former railway, through Acadian dykelands and farmland, through forests and along brooks, and beside the tidal Salmon River.

The Cobequid Trail is a cooperative effort of the County of Colchester, Town of Truro, and Village of Bible Hill. Development of the trail began in 1998 with significant contribution from local government, community volunteers, the private sector and the Province of Nova Scotia. New trail sections are being planned.

What's in a Name?

Cobequid means "place of rushing waters" in the Mi'Kmaq language. The funnel-shaped Bay of Fundy has a unique tidal phenomenon, with Cobequid Bay and the Salmon River helping to create a spectacular display of rushing water, called a "tidal bore". With the incoming tide, the ocean water moves up the narrow neck of the Bay, flowing against the river current and creating a "wall" of water that makes the river appear to be flowing backwards.

Cobequid Trail Sections in Bible Hill

Eagle Crest Walk in Bible Hill
Farnham Brook Section in Bible Hill
Bible Hill Recreation Park Section in Bible Hill
Dalhousie Agricultural Campus section in Bible Hill

Please see the link below for a detailed trail map of the Bible Hill area, or you can see the entire Cobequid Trail system by clicking here.

Village of Bible Hill Recreation Map