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Bible Hill Water Distribution System

Canada - Nova Scotia Infrastructure Program - Water System Improvements

One of the biggest infrastructure projects the Village of Bible Hill has ever undertaken, the construction of Phase I and II of the Bible Hill Water Distribution System is now complete. This project brings a new source of potable water to our community, along with enhanced fire protection. The distribution system has been turned over to the Truro Water Utility and has become part an expanding regional water supply system.


In 1955, after Bible Hill became an incorporated village and thus responsible for services, consideration was given to constructing a water system at the same time the sewer system was being built. That idea was shelved and only the sewer lines went in. In 1971 an extensive study was commissioned but was also shelved. Then again in the early '90's, a municipal water system was considered. Engineers were hired and plans were updated. But since the village had such good water through its wells, no one wanted a municipal water system.

A couple of years ago things changed. Sodium chloride and nitrate contamination were discovered affecting the ground water supply in parts of the Village. For the health and well-being of those residents with these problems, the Village of Bible Hill, working with the Department of Transportation & Public Works, the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, the Department of Environment & Labour, and the Truro Water Authority, made an application for funding under the Canada / Nova Scotia Infrastructure Program to construct the Bible Hill Water Distribution System.

The decision made by the Village of Bible Hill to participate financially in the project was justified, even though the contamination was traced to activities administered by the province, for the following reasons:

  • With a water line located in the heart of the Village, Bible Hill could react quickly and at a very reasonable cost to any future contamination issues affecting the ground water supply in the community.
  • The installation of fire hydrants throughout the system would significantly increase fire protection in the Village, and reduce future expenditures for fire vehicles.
  • Our financial contribution ensured that the system would be designed to have the capabilities for future expansion.

The decision made by the Village to negotiate with the Town of Truro to expand the Truro Water Utility into Bible Hill rather than the Village creating a new utility was made for the following reasons:

  • Difficulties in protecting the watershed of the ground water source in the area around Bible Hill. The examples of the sodium chloride and nitrate contamination quickly came to mind.
  • Bible Hill is a strong supporter of regional cooperation. Currently our area is served by a regional school board, regional solid waste system and regional sanitary sewage treatment system. We thought it a benefit not to duplicate municipal services, but rather to support a regional water system.

Bible Hill Water Distribution System Phase I and II Highlights

  • 6.7 kilometers of distribution water mains were constructed under Bible Hill Streets; which is approximately 20% of Village streets.
  • A second river crossing (there was an existing crossing on Main Street to service the Stella Jones plant) was made to connect the Truro distribution system to Bible Hill. This river crossing required an additional .7 kilometers of water main.
  • A total of 157 service laterals were installed from the water main to property lines. Of these 146 were purchased by the Province of Nova Scotia to provide water service to homes affected by the sodium or nitrate contamination. Only 11 additional service laterals were installed.
  • No service laterals were sold to service a commercial property.
  • Forty-two fire hydrants were installed.
  • The College Park Water Utility will be absorbed into the expanded system; a further 81 units will be connected to the Truro Water Utility.

Next Stage

In September the Village received approval for funding under the Provincial Capital Assistance Program for a pre-engineering design study for the next phase of the Bible Hill Water Distribution System.

Funding for expansion

External sources of project funding must be obtained before Bible Hill can commit to any expansion of the system.

Village of Bible Hill
Water Distribution Project
Financial Projection
November 30, 2004


Canada/Nova Scotia Infrastructure 1,415,022
Municipal Share – NSTPW 333,000
Municipal Share - Bible Hill 341,361
College Park Water Utility 67,000
NSTPW Direct Payment 181,517
Lateral Sales 28,000
Bank Interest 1,300
ECL Construction Expenses 2,150,000
CBCL Engineering Expenses 170,000
NSTPW Inspection Expenses 10,200
Administration Expenses 5,000
Easements 25,000
Loan Interest 500
ADI Engineering Expenses 6,500
Surplus / Deficit 0

phases 1 and 2