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History of Bible Hill

Bible Hill 1800s

The Naming of the Village

Matthew Archibald was the son of an early British settler in Bible Hill. Matthew was a very pious man who used the Bible regularly, the only book in his home, his constant companion. His use of the Bible, his manner, his house on the hill, all added to people calling the area “Bible Hill”.  The name stuck and has remained to this day.

And of Holy Well Park

Just below Matthew’s home on what is now Main Street was a spring of pure sweet water. Legend has it that the Acadians used the spring as a place to baptize their babies. After the Expulsion of the Acadians, the British settlers found a French Bible near the well, and gave the well the name "Holy Well". 



Roll of Honour

Honour Roll

Out of sight, out of mind.

Such was the case regarding an honour-roll list of names of Second World War veterans from Bible Hill that got tucked away for an undetermined period in a sooty, old furnace room. Now restored to its original glory, and even more so perhaps, efforts are underway to find a more public place of honour to hang the list so it can be better appreciated in future years.

The hand-lettered list, done on official parchment and headed by the words: "For King and Country," was complied by members of the former Bible Hill Women's Institute. For many years it hung on the walls of the College Road School, which was torn down in the mid-1980s. At some point, however, the honour roll was placed in the school's basement where it took up residence near a cold-air duct in the furnace room.

Enter Charlie Boyce. As a long-time village resident and former trustee of the three Bible Hill schools of the day, the honour list was brought to his attention by a school janitor who thought it deserved a more esteemed location than in a dust- and soot-covered furnace room.

"I can remember when I got it down off the pipes down there. It was pretty gritty," he said. "It was interesting to me because I had two brothers (from Truro) who served in the war. I knew a lot of these guys (on the list) and actually a lot of them were in the fire brigade."

Boyce brought the list home and had his wife, Della, clean it up. It was in pretty bad shape at the time and even the frame was starting to deteriorate. Boyd said he approached Bible Hill officials at the time about having the list displayed in the village office but was turned down. So,.it was placed in the village fire hall where it hung until earlier this year.

One of the names on the list is Lloyd Cavanagh of Cavanagh's Food Market. In recognition of 2005 being the Year of the Veteran, Cavanagh's son Ben had the list properly cleaned, matted and reframed. Now Boyce would like to see the list displayed in an area where it will do the vets justice. He plans to contact village officials to see if those now in charge will have a change of heart from the sentiment of year's past.

"It's sort of a memory of 150 guys and girls who served from the little Bible Hill area", he said. "It should be hanging in the village office, really."

By Harry Sullivan
The Truro Daily News

December 20, 2005

This village's honour roll of Second World War veterans has found a home

"We're gong to have it hung predominantly in the village hall," said Bible Hill Commission Chairman Rick Hilliard. "There was no question at all once we found out there was such an honour roll."

The framed, hand-lettered list was complied by members of the former Bible Hill Women¹s Institute and contains 150 names of men and women from the village who served during the Second World. War. After hanging for years in the former College Road School, it ended up in a furnace room for a time before being salvaged by village resident Charlie Boyce.

It was recently cleaned, matted and reframed and Boyce, who unsuccessfully attempted to have it hung in a village office about 20 years ago, expressed interest this week in trying again.

What he didn't know was that the commission had already voted on the matter. It was officially received by the village Tuesday night.

"We're very pleased," said Hilliard, who added a special cabinet is being constructed so the list can be properly secured.

Boyce said he too is happy with the outcome. "That¹s good news," he said.

By Harry Sullivan
The Truro Daily News

December 21, 2005


Village of Bible Hill 60th anniversary

On August 1, 2013 the Village of Bible Hill celebrated the 60th anniversary since they were incorporated. The day long activities were a huge success.

The morning began with our “Memory Room”, special thanks to Christine Blair and her committee for the hard word of compiling this information. There were pictures, scrapbooks, computer video’s, and displays of the changes in our village during the past 60 years. Many people enjoyed the experience of the memory room and many have asked to see it again. Friends, schoolmates, parents and children all joined in, it was a morning of smiling faces and good cheer.

At noon we moved on to the village hall where we enjoyed a beautiful lunch. All attending former Village Commissioners were introduced. Guest speakers were Scott Armstrong MP, Lenore Zann MLA, Bob Taylor Mayor of Colchester, Bill Mills Mayor of Truro and Christine Blair Councillor Ward 1 Village of Bible Hill. Musical entertainment was provided by the Mini Musicians of Bible Hill. We honored two special gentlemen during lunch. Douglas Boyce for his long service to the village and we thanked him for allowing him to share with us his book, THE VILLAGE OF BIBLE HILL - Building for a Future. Everyone who attended the luncheon went home with of copy of Doug’s book. Thank you Mr Boyce! We also honored Walter Langille, a special friend to the village of Bible Hill. For over 30 years he helped Bible Hill Recreation in a unique way. He was MC of the park activities on Canada Day and always was a great auctioneer for the cake auction. Thank you Walter!

During the evening all sights were on the Recreation Park in Bible Hill. Here we named the new gazebo the “Walter Langille Gazebo”. We enjoyed a wonderful concert in our new gazebo. The children of our area were overjoyed with the activities that were held for them, from Face painting, pony rides, and Bouncing Houses we seen many smiles.
At dusk we moved to the airport field where we watched an amazing fireworks display!
A sincere thank you goes out to all who helped us achieve such a successful day on August 1st, 2013. We would like to thank our sponsors, volunteers, village staff, the musicians and special guests and all the residents of Bible Hill who joined with us to share in this memorable day. From the opening of the “Memory Room” to our spectacular fireworks display, it was a wonderful day!

Submitted by
Lois MacCormick, Co Chair of 60th Anniversary Celebrations
Sharon MacLean, Co Chair of 60th Anniversary Celebrations

Photo's by Nancy Loomer from the 60th Celebrations



March 2003 Flood

From the Environment Canada Web Site: March 2003 Ends Like a Lion: Atlantic Canada's Most Expensive Rainstorm

A spring storm, which passed through the Atlantic Provinces during the last two days of March, left a series of damages in its wake. Heavy snowfall and freezing rain snapped power lines in New Brunswick and PEI. Heavy rainfall added to the spring runoff to cause flooding in all four Atlantic Provinces.

Bible Hill was one of the communities in Nova Scotia that suffered damages from the flood event. While most of the Village is "on the hill", a small section of our community is near sea level elevation along the Salmon River; and this area experienced severe flood conditions.