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Check before you burn

Bible Hill, check before you burn! 🔥
Before lighting a fire in Bible Hill, it is important to check:
- Fire ban and other restrictions status at:
- Colchester's Outdoor Fire By-law at:
As we approach summer, the desire to light an outdoor fire becomes more common.
Many outdoor fires in Bible Hill are prohibited, including but not limited to those:
- in non-compliant fire pits;
- burning general, garden, or yard waste; or
- producing smoke found to be a nuisance to another person.
The by-law provides Bible Hill Fire Brigade the authority to enter upon any land to extinguish non-compliant fires, and fines between $100 and $5,000 are applicable. For further details, see the by-law.
For fire emergencies call 911 immediately.
For complaints under Colchester's Outdoor Fire By-law, call 902-895-8822 and press option 1 when prompted.
Check before you burn